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Thank you for helping to make the world safe for queer folks! It is repairing the world. It heals my heart to see pictures of you in action. I am so so proud of all of you and I bless you!
-Mei Mei, West Point VA

Thank you so much for being at the Pride in the Park in Allentown. I couldn't help but laugh and smile with you all standing around those nasty protesters. I'm so happy you are in existence and I love what you are doing :)

When your volunteers gather around the country at events they send a message of hope to the lgbt community - that others care even if they themselves are not gay. There is power in that message. Thank you! 
-Frank, Harrisburg

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your presence on Saturday, July 25th at the Harrisburg PrideFest. I volunteer with The Curve, a glbtqa youth program located in York, Pa and was apprehensive as to the level of protesting that may occur and how it may affect my kiddos. At one point during the parade, our group was stopped right in front of the protestors. The Silent Witnesses proudly shielded us with their rainbow umbrellas from the disturbing words spewing from the protestors' mouths. The Curve youth simply smiled (some blew kisses) and were unphased by the protestors. I can't thank you enough for promoting a safe, enjoyable experience for all of those in attendance. The work of the Silent Witnesses is a true testament of God's love for all. 
-Heather, York

I would like to extend a very heartfelt thank you for attending and protecting the 15/15 York Arts exhibit on Monday evening. It was great to have your presence and visibility for the sake of our patrons' security. I continue to have the utmost respect for your dedicated volunteers. Thanks again, and great job! 
-Don, York

Please accept my personal gratitude for the time, dedication and expertise in supporting the Common Roads exhibit at YorkArts. Your presence was reassuring and inspirational to our staff and the attendees. Thank you all for doing what is right. 
-Kevin A. Lenkner, Executive Director, YorkArts

Thanks to your army of Silent Witnesses, I barely saw or heard the protestors and, for once, enjoyed the day. What a beautiful day it was!!!

I can't say thank you enough to you and Blaise for organizing the Silent Witnesses for the Harrisburg Pride Fest and other events. It was an amazing experience to stare the devil in the face and yet, feel protected while protecting others. You have helped me channel buried pain and anger at protestors into a positive experience. I can't wait to do it again!
-Mike, Harrisburg

Alanna, you and Blaise and your wonderful organization were the subject of some discussion this morning at our agency staff meeting. It seems quite a number of folks were very impressed with the work done by the Silent Witness group on Saturday. In fact, the partner of one of our staff members was quite anxious about coming to the ceremony, and he told me and several others afterward that he felt much safer with the Silent Witnesses there at the event. The staff here at The AIDS Project of Centre & Clinton County along with one of the couples who took part in the ceremony would like to send you a personal thank you. 
-Teri Christensen, The AIDS Project, State College

Thank you so much for your excellent Silent Witnesses training this past Thursday at MCCLV! Your commitment to the cause of equality was energizing for me - and I appreciate the well-planned and well-coordinated efforts of the Silent Witness organization to ensure safe venues for the GLBTA community.
-Beth, Allentown

I heard about your site from a friend's blog, and I just wanted to say thanks for getting out there and really doing something worthwhile. I think what you're doing is amazing and beautiful, and it proves that every once in a while people can do something really amazing for one another. Thanks for spreading strength and love. Although I suppose it would put you out of a job, I sincerely wish more people could see the world in terms of real equality and stop wasting so much time and energy on hate.
-Heather, Washington DC

I found out about your organization via a link from "The Bible Tells Me So" website. I just wanted to say what a powerful impression your organization made on me. I was recently the victim of an assault and the image of those brightly colored umbrellas spinning in the hands of brave, and beautiful people in an effort to protect others from a storm of hatred was so touching that it brought me to tears. 
-George, Denver

I had no idea a group such as yours existed, and when I read what you do, it brought tears to my eyes. As a member of the LGBT community, I cannot tell you how much your support means when confronted with those who condemn us for being ourselves. Thank you so much for what you do--it means the world to us.
-Monica, Pittsburgh

I just wanted to thank you guys. I heard about what you did in Pennsylvania. Thank God for making people like you.

I found your website while, of all things, researching the hate groups that inundate my city a few times a year (most notably Southern Decadance, Mardi Gras, and New Year). Being a musician, where I work is constantly under the barrage of these people and I have had just about every sort of confrontation with these people, short of a physical altercation. When I saw what your group was doing, it made sense. You are demonstrating, without words, or signs or counter-protest that you don't want anyone to have to see the hate. It's perfect. I would love if your group could do a training session down here in New Orleans. Thanks so much for your wonderful work!
-Tara, New Orleans

I wasn't going to approach the theater because of the protests, but when I saw those beautiful people holding their rainbow umbrellas to block out the hate, I felt safe to go inside to see the film.

I just wanted to extend my personal thanks to all of the people who participate in the Silent Witness program who stood in solidarity against protests against viewings of "The Bible Tells Me So" - I attended the showing in Market Sq. - I actually "cased" the place first and finally made up my mind that I need to see this movie, that more people need to see this movie, steeled myself, turned the corner toward the entrance, and what did I see but friends, holding up umbrellas blocking out the hate; bless all of you for your courage and your service. 
-John, Harrisburg

We are always grateful to have Silent Witnesses here for PrideFest. Thank you.
-Harrisburg Chief of Police Charles Kellar

One of the Harrisburg Men's Chorus guys said, "Who is the woman in charge of the Silent Witnesses?" I told him. "I love her," he said. "I think of her like she's our mom. She's here to help us through the day. I just love her." And so do I. Thank you, and please thank all of the Silent Witnesses, a big thank you from the Men's. And our thanks to you and Blaise for Friday night. I guess Voices United has officially arrived, too. Thank you. You're wonderful.
-David, Harrisburg

Thank you, Blaise. Silent Witnesses displayed a very professional and effective presence at the Pride event. The Allentown Police Department is looking forward to working with your organization in the future.
-Allentown Assistant Chief of Police Joe Hanna

I'm a student at Kutztown University, and I just completed a training event in preparation for Repent America's impending visit. First of all, thank you for coming to our school and giving us a useful set of tools to cope with the coming attack. We were in the wake of Virginia Tech and observing the National Day of Silence the day they surprised us last year with their bullhorns, their grotesque posters on our playground, and hateful tirades. When I learned that the same group would be returning to our school, I felt nauseated and anxious. I felt angry and helpless. Most of all, I felt supremely frustrated that they dared to return after we obviously resented their presence. After this workshop, I feel empowered. I know that there's a spiritual and emotional tsunami about to hit, but combining preparation with the knowledge that I can physically DO something about this really helps. I can participate positively by protecting my campus from their hatred. Thanks again.
-Joanna, Kutztown, PA

Awesome! Your work is very much appreciated. The creators of this group (Husband and Wife) are awesome, caring people. If only there were more Alanna's and Blaise's out there, the world would be a much better place! Silent Witnesses are angels sent from heaven to help us in our battle for equality and recognition as merely equal human beings deserving of the same rights AND responsibilites as everyone else.

Thank you so much for creating a peaceful and enjoyable event for all of us in Allentown. My mother, who enjoyed her first Pride festival, continues to comment how safe the rainbow umbrellas made her feel and how friendly and comforting the Silent Witness volunteers were. You and your husband, who gather and develop this group of workers, are amazing people.
-Brad, Allentown

Your people did a great job. Thanks!
-Spring Garden Township Chief of Police

Great video! I am so grateful for what these people do. I knew about these Evangelical protestors at Pro-Choice marches, but this was a gratifying experience as I watched the Chief of Police viewing those hate mongers from our side of the road. Can you imagine the Religious Police of Iran or Saudi Arabia beating us? It was an impressive show for the Capital of Pennsylvania. Hugs, 

You folks did a great job keeping the "American Taliban" from disrupting this event.

This idea is excellent! How can we start this in St. Petersburg?