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Code of Conduct

Silent Witnesses Will:

  1. undergo significant training in non-confrontational tactics before being allowed to participate in an event.
  2. conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.
  3. not carry weapons of any kind (including mace or pepper spray).
  4. obey the directives of police and /or security personnel at an event in a prompt and courteous manner.
  5. notify police and/or security immediately whenever a confrontation appears imminent.
  6. take necessary steps to avoid any confrontation with or between protesters, counter-protesters, or event participants.
  7. not engage event protesters either verbally or through gestures of any kind.
  8. escort event participants past protesters in a friendly, orderly, and non-confrontational manner.
  9. protect everyone's right to free speech.
  10. wear and/or carry gear that clearly identifies them as Silent Witnesses.
  11. monitor their own mental state and remove themselves from duty immediately if they begin to lose their objectivity.
  12. be removed from duty immediately if any of the above is not strictly adhered to.