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Advice to Festival Planners

It is possible to minimize the impact of potential protesters during your event, at least keeping them outside your festival. The following steps will help.

  1. Cordon off the area, preferably with a fence, though caution tape will do in a pinch.
  2. Charge an admission fee, even if it's nominal - these groups do not want to be seen as financially supporting the GLBT community.
  3. Have a mission statement that clearly identifies your goals (e.g. "promote acceptance of the GLBT community").
  4. Erect a sign at entrances refusing entry to anyone who does not support your mission.
  5. All vendors must agree to support your mission - include a statement to that effect in the vendor application.
  6. Allow no "day-of" vendors, i.e. vendors cannot register the day of the event. Proper scrutiny of applications is impossible the day of the event.
  7. Extend your permit time to include at least 1 hour past closing, allowing time for teardown and cleanup.
  8. Admit only authorized people during the teardown/cleanup time (i.e. the site is not open to the general public until after the cleanup time). This is for safety reasons, but also prevents the protesters from entering the grounds during cleanup activities.